Everything You Need to Know About How to Install a Toilet

If putting in a bathroom brings you dread, breathe a sigh of relief – Do it yourself rest room alternative is incredibly simple! If you have the suitable tools and a couple hrs to spare, rest room installation is not as tough as it sounds. 

In our tutorial, you will discover:

  • Basics of bathroom installation
  • How to install a toilet bowl
  • How to to install a bathroom tank
  • How to get rid of toilet tanks & bowls
  • What to glimpse for when checking for leaks

With this necessary manual to putting in a bathroom, you can put down the telephone to get in touch with a plumber and get to get the job done right away!

How to Put in a New Toilet

If you are putting in a bathroom, you require to initial evaluate the space to be guaranteed your new bathroom will fit and to assist make a decision what shape you will need. Frequently toilet bowls are elongated, but a round bowl may be needed if you have a lesser area. 

Commence by measuring from the back wall (not from the baseboard) to your closest bolts, in which you can protected the rest room to the flooring. Also be guaranteed to evaluate to any close by drinking water source strains on the floor and the length from the sidewall, just to make positive the toilet bowl will suit.

At the time you have the measurements for your new toilet and have 1 picked out, it’s time to eliminate your outdated rest room. 

What To Do When Changing a Toilet

Change off Drinking water Provide

When you’re prepared to replace your previous toilet, make confident to shut off the water. You can do this by turning off the shutoff valve either on the wall or on the floor powering or beside the rest room. This valve is dependable for managing the drinking water stream into the source line and then into the bathroom tank.

Future, disconnect the water supply lin.  es from the previous rest room tank. It would be sensible to have on gloves and to position a bucket to catch any drinking water remaining in the bowl or drinking water traces. Take out any leftover water from the tank with a sponge. 

Separate the Bathroom Bowl from the Tank

Up coming, unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the water tank to elevate off the bowl. Though you can do a Do it yourself toilet replacement solo, operating with a lover could be valuable considering the fact that a tank can be weighty. 

Once the bolts are unscrewed, you can get rid of the toilet tank. It could be necessary to maintain the leading of the bolt inside the tank whilst you’re taking away the nut below the again of the rest room bowl. 

Unbolt the Bathroom Bowl

The following action to your rest room set up is to unbolt the bathroom tank from the ground. You can pop the bathroom bolt caps with a screwdriver if desired. With an adjustable wrench or pliers, take out the nuts and washers on the toilet’s bolts. These secure the rest room bowl to the flooring. 

Often, nuts will be rusted in spot. If this is the case, use major-responsibility lubricant to loosen the nuts. This really should loosen the nuts just ample to switch the screws to develop ample place to hacksaw the bolts off. 

Remove any Aged Caulk & Wax

If there is any caulk close to the bathroom bowl’s base where it fulfills the floor, you’ll have to take out it. Acquire a utility knife and reduce it through the caulk seam. As soon as the caulk is scraped off, carefully rock the toilet bowl back again and forth right until it is absolutely free from the foundation. Established it aside on a rubbish bag. 

When the bathroom bowl is eradicated, it will expose the previous wax ring. Because the wax can’t be reused, this will also have to be taken out. Stuff a rag into the gap to reduce anything at all from falling into the drain and to block smelly sewer gases.  With a putty knife, get rid of any extra wax on the leading of the drain pipe (also known as the flange). You can wipe away any excess wax with a sponge or wipe as well. 

Set up a New Flange & Wax Ring

The flange is the top of the drain pipe and results in a link amongst the floor and the bathroom. An previous flange may possibly be cracked or broken and will need to be changed. However, if it is even now in excellent ailment, there is no want to change it. 

In contrast to the flange, the wax ring normally will have to be replaced when setting up a bathroom. You can possibly connect the wax ring to the base of the new rest room bowl or (the a lot more preferred choice) you can set up the wax ring on the flange prior to setting up the toilet bowl on major. 

Connect Bathroom Bowl to Flange

At the time the wax ring is set, it is time to insert your new rest room bowl! When putting in a toilet bowl, decrease it carefully straight down into the flange to reduce hurt to the wax ring. After attached, firmly push down on the bowl and make absolutely sure it is square with the backwall.

To make positive your new rest room bowl is protected, incorporate washers, nuts, and cap bases to the closet bolts. Make guaranteed the nuts are similarly agency and tighten to distribute pressure if you tighten one far too considerably, the bowl could crack. Then, use a hacksaw to reduce off the excess bolt and snap on the caps.

Insert the Tank

If the rest room tank is not hooked up to the bowl, now is the time to insert it. Put in the tank by positioning it on to the toilet bowl and aligning the bolts with the holes in the bowl. Tighten every toilet tank bolt to safe the tank to the bathroom bowl till the tank is pulled down and is in contact with the bowl.

After the bathroom tank is safe, reattach the h2o offer line to the ti the fill valve sticking from the tank’s base and to the offer valve from the wall or the flooring beside or guiding the toilet. 

Check for Leaks

At the time the rest room tank is securely hooked up to the bowl and linked to the water supply line, it is crucial to check out for leaks or any issues. Gradually switch on the h2o and allow the tank fill. Flush the rest room a several periods and test for leaks all-around the water offer line, the base of the toilet, and where by the tank and bowl fulfill. 

If you do detect leaking about the provide lean, just tighten the bolts a bit additional. If there is leaking around the toilet’s foundation, it suggests there is a trouble with the wax ring. If the wax ring is not developing a good seal, water will leak out. If this is the case, you will have to get rid of the toilet and set up a new wax ring. When originally replacing a toilet, make confident to set the rest room in location so you don’t injury the wax ring and have to repeat the previous techniques all about again.

If there are no leaks, then congratulations! You productively now know how to install a toilet. Keep in mind to order and attach and bathroom seat and you are very good to go with your new toilet. 

If your new rest room is exhibiting complications, and you are obtaining issue pinpointing how to fix your rest room, getting in contact with a experienced will help alleviate your disappointment and establish what the most effective alternative for your rest room will be.

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