6 Steps to Fix a Toilet Leaking at the Base (+ Prevention Tips)

6 Steps to Fix a Toilet Leaking at the Base (+ Prevention Tips)

Rest room leaks are not nearly anything to stress more than, but no 1 likes walking into the rest room with dry socks and coming out with soaked socks. Toilets that leak at the base are commonly an quick correct with some Diy how-to ways. 

You can make the repairs you have to have promptly working with this guide that provides you with the explanations behind your bathroom leak, the equipment you are going to have to have, what to do about the leak, and guidelines to avert foreseeable future rest room leaks.

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7 Signs You Need to Call A Sacramento Plumbing Contractor

7 Signs You Need to Call A Sacramento Plumbing Contractor

There are several scenarios wherever you would not need to have to get in touch with a plumbing contractor. For occasion, plumbing difficulties like clogged bogs or drains are frequently quick to correct with a plunger or a drain unclogging agent. 

But, what takes place if you confront a main plumbing problem that you are not able to resolve your self? Do you have a program of motion in put? Do you know who to call?

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3 Ways to Fix a Leaking Ceiling (+ Tips for Preventing Severe Damage)

3 Ways to Fix a Leaking Ceiling (+ Tips for Preventing Severe Damage)

Ceiling leaks are a plumbing difficulty that can be detected by blistered or peeling paint, dripping h2o, and discoloration on your ceiling. 

A ceiling leak is a indicator that there is another dilemma with your dwelling plumbing system or roof.

If you notice your ceiling has these challenges, you can have to have to observe down the source of the challenge just before you can commence to resolve the dilemma by yourself or simply call a plumber to fix it for you.

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How to Choose the Best Type

How to Choose the Best Type

Shower heads are one of these appliances that persons are likely to forget and solution as an afterthought.

But when it will come time to entire a household advancement task in your lavatory, the shower generally will come up as a good location to commence the up grade. Immediately after all, with so lots of shower head sorts to pick out from, the procedure of discovering the finest kind to healthy your tastes can be difficult.

That is why it really is important to just take the time to make the right final decision. 

Why Picking out the Appropriate Shower Head Issues

People typical spigots you observed decades in the past feel like a relic of the past when you look at all the diverse possibilities out there right now. But before you begin searching, you want to fully grasp the effects shower head varieties may well have on your life-style and your wallet. 

1st of all, you want to make positive you get the shower experience you want. For case in point, you may possibly like a handheld head because you want a practical possibility for washing your young children, bathing your dogs, and cleansing the tub.

Or probably you want a head that saves you huge on your drinking water monthly bill. For those people who like the finer things in existence, massage and other spray patterns are offered with particular styles of shower heads. 

Another aspect most individuals have a tendency to neglect is how your shower head affects your wellbeing. An unfortunate truth often dismissed is the reality that shower heads are a excellent ecosystem for pathogenic germs and unsafe microbes.

Of class, threat of infection is tiny to nonexistent, but regular exposure to contaminated h2o cascading on to your facial area and human body is anything you can simply stay away from. Make guaranteed you system for how you will clear your shower head. 

On top of that, you also want to consider the price. Feel beyond the selling price tag of the shower head by itself — glance at the affect it will have on your water monthly bill. Some out-of-date shower heads drain your wallet (pun supposed) by employing up to 10 gallons of h2o for each minute when it’s fully opened. Thankfully, newer shower heads can help you save you significant by applying about two or a few gallons for each moment, thanks to their style. 

Eventually, the total price of possession of your shower head comes down to the levels of drinking water force it uses. 

Small Pressure Shower Heads vs. Significant Stress Shower Heads: The Pros and Cons 

This subject matter is probable your principal concern when you’re browsing for the very best shower head for your house. In the end, your determination will come down to what you want to prioritize — the total shower encounter or your h2o invoice.

Pros and Cons of Reduced Stress Shower Heads

A 2016 research found that showers are the 2nd largest supply of indoor water use, accounting for about 19 percent of total use per capita per working day. It’s no speculate that individuals switch to reduced stream shower heads to slice back again on their drinking water payments. 

The big edge of using decrease force shower heads is noticeable: Since the head permits smaller sized amounts of drinking water to stream via it as in contrast to other heads, the restricted flow eventually minimizes your drinking water use. 

The execs are pretty apparent. Small force shower heads enable with the next:

  • Handling water squander and slicing again on your total h2o bill. 
  • Decreasing your electrical invoice by utilizing considerably less electric power to heat much less h2o currently being made use of. 
  • Lowering the volume of emissions by preserving on electrical power use. 

There are some downsides as effectively. These include the next:

  • You will encounter a time lag, which means when you modify the temperature, it can take more time for that modify to appear through the head. 
  • Your drinking water will be cooler simply because lower stream heads incorporate drinking water droplets flowing out with the air, generating the drinking water great promptly, as compared to regular shower heads. 

Basically set, a lower force shower head can reduce costs and offer an environmental gain, but the knowledge can be aggravating, especially if you choose regular, solid drinking water flows following dealing with inadequate drinking water pressure in the previous. 

Professionals and Disadvantages of Significant Tension Shower Heads

These varieties of shower heads are practical for growing h2o force if you come across your present-day head ineffective. Numerous folks desire a shower encounter that delivers significant amounts of water pressure, in particular if they opt for substantial end heads that consist of a therapeutic massage setting. 

The benefits of using large pressure shower heads are as follows:

  • You get a improved working experience if you favor a solid water circulation. 
  • You are equipped to boost temperature control, lessening the lag among turning the knob and basically experience the h2o get hotter or colder.
  • You generally get additional options for spray styles, like a gentle mist, highly effective stream, or a pulsating massage. 

Nonetheless, the cons of employing these heads typically boil down to expense.

  • You could see an improve in your drinking water bill as you use a lot more water. 
  • In convert, your electrical bill can maximize as well as you use extra energy to warmth your drinking water. 

Now that you know the professionals and drawbacks of utilizing distinctive degrees of drinking water pressure with your shower heads, you’re prepared to take a look at your solutions. 

The Varieties of Very low and Large Stress Shower Heads 

Choosing the proper shower head with the ideal h2o pressure comes down to your own preference. Here are the most typical varieties of shower heads.

Handheld Shower Head

These sorts are attached to the shower elbow by a hose. The head by itself can detach from the holder, so the person can increase it off of the wall. Handheld shower heads are specifically helpful for cleaning your shower enclosure and bathing your youngsters and animals. 

Some of these arrive with a great deal of excess options, like different spray patterns and massage jets. And lots of hand held heads can be mounted to sliding bars, making it easy to regulate it to various heights. 

Dual Shower Head

Simply cannot make a decision involving a hand held selection or a fixed variety? Want the very best of both worlds? The dual shower head is your excellent preference. 

Usually, these techniques supply both of those a hand held head and a set head that is stationary. Dual shower heads involve a diverter valve to proficiently manage drinking water flow. A two way diverter valve will swap stream between the two heads, and a a few way diverter valve will allow you to select which particular person head to use at just one time or to use each heads simultaneously. 

One Spray Shower Head

This type is self-explanatory. It’s a mounted shower head that gives one particular spray environment, frequently referred to as a complete human body spray.

A solitary spray shower head is the greatest possibility for you if you want simplicity. 

LED Shower Head

These share the very same functionality as the relaxation of these shower heads. The only distinction is that they use LED lights to coloration the drinking water, which can be calming and uplight your temper. 

Most LED shower heads occur with a assortment of color options, but some are one colour or offer you a random colour sequence. A further interesting attribute — some styles use water temperature to adjust the shade of the lights. 

Rain Shower Head 

With this possibility, you get large protection, thanks to the extended width of the head by itself. Most rain shower heads are at minimum six inches broad, making you really feel like you are underneath a rain cloud. 

These are mounted on the wall, but some can be mounted in the ceiling of the shower enclosure. The drinking water stream is evenly dispersed, resulting in a lessen tension with a broad coverage. These are finest if you have plenty of h2o force in your dwelling so the head can effectively distribute circulation evenly. 

When you know your preference for water force, acquiring the most effective style of shower head is basic. Maintain in mind that shower head installation is generally basic, but you need to make positive that it’s accomplished properly.

If your new Do it yourself residence jobs have not gone effectively, it may be worthy of employing a professional. This way, you stay clear of common installation mistakes, which can direct to pricey repairs and fixes. 

Dealing With Common Plumbing Problems

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5 Irrigation Plumbing Issues Increasing Your Water Bill + How to Save

5 Irrigation Plumbing Issues Increasing Your Water Bill + How to Save

With the correct irrigation plumbing method in put, your lawn need to be finding uniform watering on a normal basis. A appropriately installed procedure is incredibly useful when it comes to trying to keep your garden wholesome. 

The best part of an successful irrigation system is that you really don’t will need to drag your hose close to and drinking water your grass by hand or constantly adjust your sprinkler attachments. Nevertheless, as with any plumbing and irrigation technique, your yard could be costing you a great deal of income by inflating your h2o invoice. 

In addition, a defective technique can diminish the health of your garden and damage its look. This is why you want to be proactive in detecting and addressing popular plumbing problems you can location in your lawn. 

5 Irrigation Plumbing Troubles in Your Property You Have to have to Deal with

A significant bring about for worry when it will come to irrigation complications, apart from your superior h2o bill and weak garden health and fitness, is the impact it can have on the framework of your property by itself. Household plumbing involves regular checking and servicing to avert serious damages to your household. 

For instance, let us say you sprung an irrigation leak in the vicinity of the foundation of your household. This leak, when left unchecked, can induce serious structural destruction to your residence. 

To deal with a climbing drinking water monthly bill and avert extensive-expression injury to your property, seem out for these 5 irrigation plumbing issues:

1. A Leaking Hose 

Your hose is naturally an necessary software you want to hold your lawn hydrated, as well as regulate all kinds of garden maintenance, like clearing particles, cleansing out gutters, and a lot more. Sad to say, as wear and tear builds up in excess of time, your hose is at risk of ripping and tearing. 

This can cause leaks that can disrupt your outdoor chores even though also resulting in sizeable h2o squander. Around time, even small punctures that result in minor leaks can actually compound and increase your h2o invoice significantly. 

The good thing is, correcting a leaking hose is pretty simple. Depending on the severity of the injury, you can embrace the pursuing Do-it-yourself solutions:

  • Fix compact pinholes, which can be induced by sharp objects puncturing the hose, by turning off the water, then making use of electrical tape to the gap. Overlap the tape various occasions around the hose to ensure it is thoroughly sealed for the prolonged term. 

  • When more substantial tears manifest (e.g., your hose is snagged by a bush or the scorching summer days trigger cracking), you can simply turn off the h2o, slice the torn part out with garden shears, then connect the slice ends to a hose mender. The mender has two collars that connect to every single lower stop. At the time you tighten the mender, change off the drinking water to be certain any leak is sealed. 

  • Couplings have a tendency to leak, so when you notice one particular that is bent or damaged, you can just replace it with a new hose coupling. Use a hose cutter to clear away whichever coupling needs to be changed, then insert the uncovered conclude of the hose into the new coupling and twist the collar right up until it is limited. Turn the water on to take a look at it for any leaks. 

Stay proactive with your hoses. There are lots of means to lengthen the existence of your hose, like storing it in your garage to stay clear of exposure to excessive climate or making use of a hose cart to hold your hose flippantly coiled and easy to transport.  

2. The Pool Heater

Heating your pool is a have to in the colder months of the calendar year. Whether you use organic gasoline or propane, you can be expecting your residence energy fees to raise for noticeable motives. 

Only place, the far more your pool temperature drops, the additional strength it will take to raise the temperature to your desired level. This will price you even extra cash on energy if you don’t have a pool deal with to hold the warmth trapped. 

To avoid skyrocketing utility expenditures, make guaranteed you protect your pool at night or when it’s not in use to trap heat. This way, your pool heater is not applying a great deal of energy to consistently increase the temperature of your pool. You can also adjust your desired temperature to a decreased environment to lower the sum of heat your heater needs to create.

3. Irrigation Leaks 

Water hose leaks are uncomplicated more than enough to discover by merely inspecting your hose, but when you have a leak somewhere within just your irrigation plumbing program, it may well consider you a little extended to obtain and deal with the problem. 

The first phase in figuring out if you have an irrigation leak is to glimpse at your h2o meter, specially the minimal stream indicator to see if it is moving when it is not making use of drinking water. If it is, you unquestionably have an irrigation leak. 

Next, turn off your primary sprinkler valve, then search at your low stream indicator on your meter all over again. If it keeps moving, your leak is probably inside of your house. And if the indicator stopped moving, the leak is coming from your most important sprinkler system pipe.

To do a visual inspection, switch the sprinkler process valve on once again, then wait around a couple of minutes for the key pipe to refill with water. Convert on one zone working with your controller, then go to that zone. You will possibly hear water functioning or see it effervescent from the floor and pooling water. 

Examine the sprinkler head far too so you can come across out if you require to switch or fix the sprinkler head. This is a very simple system that most property owners can comprehensive on their individual. Repeat this inspection process till you discover which zone is becoming impacted by your irrigation leak. 

After you locate the leak and validate that it is not just a misaligned sprinkler head, switch off the valve and call a qualified plumber who can assistance. They can make sure you resolve your leak properly. If you try out to do this yourself, you operate the chance of not addressing the root result in of the leak. 

4. Lateral Line Leaks 

Another common issue that is driving up your utility bill could be your sewer line. Inside of your sewage process on your assets, the lateral line is the pipe that carries the squander from your home to the community sewer most important line, which is generally situated in the avenue in your community.

When a sewage line leak goes undetected, this can guide to important problems to your assets. In excess of the class of time, that leak can cause sinkholes around your dwelling, on sidewalks, or even in the road. 

There are loads of strategies to detect a lateral line leak. Initially of all, you can simply just discover the odor of squander. A broken lateral line implies sewage is becoming distributed underground somewhere. That odor will be detectable if the leak is substantial. 

You can also find swimming pools of sewer water on your house, which will existing a negative odor. If you are going through drain clogs on a steady foundation, that also indicates a damaged sewer pipe. 

In purchase to figure out the correct site of in which you have to have sewer line maintenance, you should really seek the services of a plumbing business that delivers residential plumbing leak detection. They can use a digicam to navigate the sewer line to locate the leak, then fix the leak appropriately. 

5. Overwatering

Last but not least, a person of the most popular difficulties is overwatering your assets, which can be attributed to your sprinkler system. Overwatering can lead to weeds, bugs, and ailments that will harm the health of your lawn. 

The most frequent signals of overwatering your lawn include:

  • You see h2o functioning off your lawn down the avenue.
  • You see far too considerably thatch, which is a layer of partly decomposed plant substance.
  • You notice additional bugs hiding in your lawn.
  • You really feel a sponginess on the surface of your yard.  
  • Your garden demonstrates signals of discoloration, which is most likely fungi. 
  • You place an too much amount of weeds, like crabgrass.

Dependent on your sprinkler program, you need to have to search at a number of factors that may perhaps cause overwatering. For case in point, your runtimes may perhaps be far too very long, or you could not have the rain sensor turned on.

Get started to alter the volume of time you run your sprinkler program, then gauge it around the class of a number of weeks. It is ideal to minimize the quantity upfront, then modify as you see match. 

Far more Strategies to Preserve Dollars on Irrigation 

The faster you discover the aforementioned irrigation challenges, the additional you can preserve. And you can be even far more proactive and make updates to your recent irrigation plumbing method. 

Make investments in Pipe Bursting 

This is a newer plumbing approach that incorporates devices that split your existing pipes. It pulls a pipe bursting head by the current pipe to split it, though pulling the new pipe inside. 

Pipe bursting replaces your current pipelines devoid of truly getting rid of the aged types. This method is way less damaging to your garden, and it can be utilised to even upsize your pipelines, which boosts the amount of move capacity in your irrigation program.

Spend in Trenchless Pipe Lining

You can undertake this trenchless tactic to update your existing techniques in a way that doesn’t harm your yard. The trenchless pipe lining approach is quickly, so you don’t have to stress about downtime. 

As well as, the new pipe lining is sleek and arrives with an extended lifespan. Depending on the plumbing company you use, the resin that is applied as a new pipe liner can arrive with a assure of at minimum 50 a long time. 

As you can see, some irrigation plumbing challenges can be resolved speedily and on your personal. But other people are significantly far more challenging and included, which calls for plumbing specialists. You can also make investments in updating your recent irrigation programs using pipe bursting and trenchless pipe lining, saving you big on preventative routine maintenance more than the lengthy time period.

Trenchless Pipe Lining: The Ultimate Sewer Repair Solution

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How to maintain your solar water heater


The solar water heater is not immortal… Installing a solar water heater is a wise choice for a household, because it provides hot water at a very low cost, most of the day and for many years.

Most of us, however, forget that the solar water heater is an electrical – hydraulic device that manages a large amount of water that contains salts and “up there at high altitudes” is exposed to the weather. So remember that we need to maintain the solar water heater before our solar system no longer heats water as before or not at all.

How often should I check and maintain my solar water heater?

From a technical plumber,– Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου, it must be done at most every 2 years and ideally every 1 year. However, every owner of a solar water heater, even if he does not notice any problem in the operation of his solar water heater, it is good to examine him twice a year. Below we explain in detail why and how.

Is it necessary to maintain a solar water heater?

Yes! After each new solar water heater installation, there is a maintenance process recommended by the manufacturers and there is a new solar water heater installed in the booklet.

Maintenance of the solar water heater is not only necessary to ensure the continuous production of hot water, our safety and the long life of the water heater. Maintenance is necessary to ensure the manufacturer ‘s warranty (5 or 10 years, depending on the case).

Thus, most manufacturers recommend every 1 or 2 years (depending on the manufacturer), to be checked by a licensed technician and to replace the magnesium anode as well as to supplement if the antifreeze-anti-corrosion fluid of the closed circuit of the collector is needed. Only then does the warranty given to us by the manufacturer apply. 

Magnesium anode protects the water tank (boiler) from corrosion. Due to electrolysis and the antifreeze from freezing water and the accumulation of salts in the solar collector circuit.


When is the best time to maintain a solar water heater?

Regular maintenance of the solar water heater is best done in September-October, ie before winter comes. This is because reduced sunshine and low winter temperatures reduce the efficiency of the solar water heater and in fact, less hot water is produced with the help of the sun. 

If we are sure that everything is working properly, the uninterrupted and safe operation of the water heater is initially ensured in order to avoid a fault that will suddenly leave us without hot water.

Also, if the solar water heater operates at maximum efficiency, we save money because we will not need to turn on the electricity often to heat the water.

What other work can be done when maintaining a solar water heater every 2 years?

The technician who checks our solar water heater every 2 years, must also check the other parts of the solar water heater to judge if some small or even bigger repairs are needed.

During the regular maintenance of the solar water heater, the technician will do the following:

  1. checks pipes, fittings, flanges for any water leakage, or whether they are loose or worn. Any damage is repaired.
  2. controls the boiler and resistance for the accumulation of salts and mud or corrosion. The inside of the boiler is revealed anyway when the magnesium anode is replaced. If the accumulation of salts and mud is intense, the boiler and the resistor are cleaned. It is recommended to clean the boiler every 5 years so that you always have the maximum efficiency.
  3. checks the safety valve (pressure relief) if it has a salt buildup and if it is working properly. If it does not work properly it must be replaced.
  4. controls the insulation in the water pipes. If damaged, they are replaced to protect the entire system from very low temperatures.
  5. checks the electrical circuit to see if the thermostat and fuse are working. If there are loose or damaged joints and to repair them.

Can I, as the owner, do something to ensure the proper operation of my solar water heater?

Yes of course! To ensure the longevity, continuous efficiency and safety of the solar hot water system, each owner must inspect and maintain the solar water heater twice a year. Preferably in April and October. 

The controls and maintenance that the solar water heater must do on the owners themselves include:

  • the maintenance of the solar panel
  • check for any water leaks
  • protection from very high temperatures
  • protection from very low temperatures

Maintenance of the solar collector

First, we need to look at the crystal of the solar collector. It must have no cracks at all, be clean of leaves, dust, etc. and not in the shade.

If the crystal is broken even a little, it must be replaced immediately because the entire solar panel system can be damaged. In this case, we cover the crystal with plastic and call the technician to replace it.

If there are trees that have grown and cast their shadow on the solar panel, then make sure they are pruned so that the collector receives the maximum amount of solar radiation it can receive.

If there is dust or leaves on the crystal of the solar panel that has not been washed away by the rain, then wash the crystal with lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid and remove them. Be careful, not in time with intense sunshine, so that intense contractions do not occur- expansions.


 Check for water leakage

We check the piping, connectors and flanges of the solar water heater. Is there a water leak or are the connectors and screws loose or worn?

We check the safety valve on the boiler. Has a lot of salt accumulated around her? This may have affected its operation and may not be activated.

Water leakage from the safety valve is normal. If it is not done continuously and if the amount of water leaving is small. If we know how to do it, we can see if the safety valve is activated by pressing the lever with a tool.

Finally, we have in mind any water leakage, even small, in all plumbing that brings hot water to our home, as well as in taps.

In any case, the damage must be repaired to prevent further damage to the solar water heater or a sudden failure that will leave us with no hot water at all.

Protection against high temperatures

In the summer months, if we see that the temperature of the hot water is too high or if we do not use a large amount of hot water, then we cover part of the solar panel with an opaque cover (eg cardboard), starting from the bottom of the collector…

During the summer we are on vacation, we cover the entire surface of the solar panel with an opaque cover. So that the collector is not strained for no reason by the high temperatures.

Protection from low temperatures

We make sure –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου Αθήνα that the level of antifreeze in the collector circuit is regularly checked and supplemented.

We check that the insulation in the water pipes is always in good condition.

In cold weather, if the water in the water pipes is frozen, we do not turn on the solar water heater.

So if we regularly check and maintain the solar water heater, it will provide us with uninterrupted hot water for many years. And we will have earned the maximum depreciation for the investment we made!

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5 Tips for Commercial Floor Drain Maintenance

5 Tips for Commercial Floor Drain Maintenance

Floor drains can go mostly unnoticed. You could only see them in general public restrooms or showers, but ground drains can also be located in garages, laundry rooms, and professional kitchens. They are an integral element of community sanitation that is often forgotten. Professional floor drains catch overflow from sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, rain, and the like, and properly immediate it to a sewer or municipal storm drain. Performing so retains the ground dry and sanitary and makes certain that rooms do not flood.

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