6 Steps to Fix a Toilet Leaking at the Base (+ Prevention Tips)

Rest room leaks are not nearly anything to stress more than, but no 1 likes walking into the rest room with dry socks and coming out with soaked socks. Toilets that leak at the base are commonly an quick correct with some Diy how-to ways. 

You can make the repairs you have to have promptly working with this guide that provides you with the explanations behind your bathroom leak, the equipment you are going to have to have, what to do about the leak, and guidelines to avert foreseeable future rest room leaks.

4 Good reasons Why Bogs Leak at the Foundation

Right here are some of the good reasons why your toilet may possibly be leaking from the foundation.

1. The Tee Bolts Want to Be Tightened.

The foundation of your rest room is held to the ground with two bolts referred to as tee-bolts. If these bolts loosen, the rest room will likely rock, producing the seal fashioned by the wax ring to crack. 

Drain water may seep out of the base each time you flush the rest room if your tee bolts are extremely unfastened.

2. The Wax Ring Needs to Be Replaced.

The wax ring ordinarily requires to be changed for the reason that the bathroom is loose.

The other cause why a wax ring may perhaps want to be changed is mainly because it has been worn down more than the many years and is no more time pliable. This implies the seal is no lengthier intact. As a result, it triggers h2o to seep by way of the base.

3. You can find a Unfastened H2o Provide Line.

If there’s a free drinking water provide line, you may detect that the drinking water is leaking from the base of your toilet all of the time, somewhat than just when you flush it. 

Check out the relationship exactly where the source line connects to the tank to make guaranteed the nut and rubber seal are tight.

4. Drinking water Is Condensing on the Rest room and Dripping Down.

Water in a rest room tank and bowl is ordinarily pretty cold, and so is the porcelain. A humid room triggers h2o to drip down from the porcelain on the bowl, and you will detect water pooling at the base of your rest room. 

After you discover the resource of the leak, you can collect the suitable tools you require to correct the bathroom.

Instruments and Provides You Require to Quit Your Toilet From Leaking

Right here are some of the key provides you can need to resolve your rest room when it leaks from the bottom.


You can want a wrench to clear away some of the nuts and bolts that keep your rest room sealed to the ground. Make absolutely sure the wrench is open up finished.


Dependent on the bathroom you have, you may well need to have a established of screwdrivers so you can unscrew various toilet components to uninstall your bathroom for repair service.

Toilet Cleaner

It is vital to cleanse all-around the foundation of your bathroom utilizing anti-bacterial rest room cleaner. This makes certain you properly cleanse the leaking rest room water.

Cleansing Cloths

Make positive you have numerous cleaning cloths to total this task. Terry cloth and microfiber towels get the job done ideal.

Washers, Gaskets, Toilet Bolts, Bathroom Wax Ring, and Putty Knife

You may require to purchase a bathroom restore package, which delivers all the materials you need to have to do the position. Or you can order washers, bathroom bolts, and other pieces individually, if you favor.

Cordless Drill or Driver

Some of the nuts and bolts may possibly be tough to take away manually. Make absolutely sure you have a electric power instrument, like a cordless drill, to make restricted bolts easier to take away.


Some bolts may perhaps be stripped and corroded. Owning a hacksaw helpful can assist reduce the frustrations you’ll expertise when trying to get rid of corroded and stripped bolts.

Use the hacksaw to lower through bolts at the foundation of rest room, the rest room seat’s plastic bolts, or any other bathroom bolts.

Rubber Gloves

Correcting a toilet foundation leak is messy. Make positive you have gloves on to secure your fingers.


Caulking is vital for resealing the edges of your bathroom to the floor. 

With all your resources and components at your disposal, you might be prepared to get started the procedure of halting your toilet leak.

How to Prevent Your Bathroom From Leaking All over the Base

Evaluate these techniques in element so you can repair service your bathroom leak by you.

1. Verify For Condensation.

Prior to you dive into your rest room fix undertaking, examine the outdoors of your toilet bowl to make sure the difficulty isn’t really because of to condensation. 

If the dilemma is because of to condensation, consider the next recommendations to avert water puddling at the base of your bathroom:

  • Set up a tray.
  • Insulate your water tank.
  • Make positive your flapper is just not faulty.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers, and switch the lover on.

If this is not the challenge, keep on exploring for the source of the concern.

2. Tighten the Tee Bolts.

Remove the plastic addresses from the base of your toilet on the two sides. Use an adjustable open up-finish wrench to tighten the tee bolts. Tightening the bathroom versus the floor tends to make positive the wax ring that seals the bathroom drain outlet will be compressed. 

If the tee bolts are previously tight or can not be tightened, you may well need to have to take away and reinstall the toilet to set up a new wax ring and new bolts.

3. Disconnect and Take away the Rest room.

Shut off the water to your bathroom in advance of you start off disconnecting it. The shutoff valve is typically positioned on the left aspect of the rest room close to the drinking water provide tube and the h2o valve tailpiece. 

  • Flush your toilet to drain all the h2o from your toilet and the tank. Use a sponge or cloth to get rid of surplus h2o in the rest room tank and bowl.
  • Up coming, use a screwdriver to unscrew the nut that mounts the supply tube to the fill valve tailpiece.
  • Use your wrench to get rid of the nuts from the tee bolts at the base of the toilet. You may possibly have to have to use a hacksaw to sever each bolt if the tee bolts are corroded and will never switch.
  • Eliminate the bathroom by lifting it up and away from the floor drain. It might be practical to have anyone assist you go the bathroom, as an alternative of attempting to transfer it on your personal.
  • Established the bathroom on its side to prevent destruction.

4. Eliminate the Wax Ring, and Put in a New Just one.

Scrape away the outdated wax from around the drain opening working with a putty knife. Make positive you remove all of the previous wax. 

Put in the new wax ring when all of the putty is scraped up. The ring will be positioned with the plastic cone dealing with down towards the drain. Assure that the tee bolts are positioned appropriately in the crucial openings on each individual facet of the flange.

5. Reinstall the Bathroom.

Carry the toilet carefully, and place it back in excess of the drain so that the tee bolts can go by the holes on the base of the bathroom. Press the rest room down on to the wax ring, rocking it carefully so the rest room compresses the wax to develop a tight seal.

Tighten the tee bolts and nuts with a wrench, earning confident they are not around-tightened, which may possibly induce the porcelain to crack.

6. Connect the H2o Line.

Reconnect the water supply tube to the fill valve, and change the water back on. Flush the toilet immediately after the rest room tank fills back again up, then inspect for leaks.

As soon as you are sure there are no leaks existing, seal the foundation of your rest room with caulk.

How to Avert Foreseeable future Bathroom Leaks

Evaluate these 5 strategies to avert toilet leaks so you can stay clear of leak damages in the long term. 

Deal with Leaking Bathrooms Correct Absent.

Do not wait around for a bathroom leak to get out of hand just before you resolve it. Preserve up with the upkeep of your bathroom to protect against persistent leakage. 

Correcting the toilet leak ideal away also saves you dollars on your drinking water monthly bill in the long run.

Will not Flush Items Other Than Human Squander and Bathroom Paper.

Flushing objects that do not belong in a bathroom can cause key plumbing problems and clogs mainly because they do not crack down the way toilet paper does. Clogged pipes can bring about far more than a minimal leak in the foundation of your toilet. 

Do not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Toilet.

Chemical drain cleaners are also severe to flush down your rest room. These cleaners may induce damage to growing old pipes and plumbing fixtures. 

Inspect the Parts of Your Toilet Just about every 6 Months.

Make positive your bathroom elements are nevertheless performing appropriately about 2 times a year so you are not greeted by a shock toilet leak when you the very least be expecting it. 

Using this proactive method makes it possible for you to deal with tiny toilet troubles in advance of they grow to be huge complications.

Employ a Plumber When You Need to have To.

Some bathroom plumbing complications are beyond your handle. Selecting a experienced plumber alleviates your concerns and pressure when it comes to plumbing repairs. 

With a specialist plumber, you know your bathroom leak will be preset correctly the initially time!

Working with frequent plumbing challenges, like a bathroom leaking at the foundation, now prevents larger plumbing complications in the foreseeable future. 

Speak to Express Sewer & Drain to employ a qualified plumber to deal with all of your plumbing issues, compact and huge.

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