Where to stay when in Santorini island

Where to stay when in Santorini island

Santorini Santorini car rental is the most well-known island of Greece worldwide, with its images of people traveling around the world and being the number one travel desire for many people! Colorful rocks erupt from the caldera down in the sea, white houses and alleys with blue windows and details and of course, beautiful sunsets.

With the fame of the volcanic beaches, and the romantic aura, it is no surprise that Santorini is a very popular destination and attracts around 1.5 million tourists every summer!

History of Santorini

Santorini or Thira, is located in the middle of the distance between Athens and Crete. The island looks like a semi circle  as far its shape is concerned. The neighboring islands suggest that Santorini was once circular, before the volcano erupted back in the  ancient times. Thousands of years ago, a huge volcanic eruption caused the center of then-Santorini (which was circular) to sink, leaving a caldera (or volcano crater) along with high towering cliffs along the east side of the island – the most commercial part of the island of today.

The other side of the island

The east coast of Santorini is less known than the famous west coast. The eastern seaside resorts such as Kamari and Perissa have a more traditional and island way of life, while here you will meet many locals. In these 2 villages live many people who work on the island as there the prices on the houses and the rent  are significantly cheaper than the center of the island.

The coast of Santorini at that point is covered with black, volcanic sand and black rocks while in the southern part there is the famous red beach of the island – a favorite destination for both swimming and photography. Many people around the world are visiting Santorini only to witness the beauty of the black sand and the red beach!

Do not also forget to visit Pyrgos – a traditional village with wonderful food and picturesque alleys to walk through!

Accommodation in Santorini island

Accommodation in Santorini is quite expensive – especially in touristic spots, such as the center of the island, Oia and Fira. Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia, have hotels and villas with private pools, Caldera views, whitewashed interiors, luxury caves and jakuzzis with endless views for amazing photos and a relaxing experience.

Unfortunately, in these accommodations you have to spend a small fortune as the prices during the summer  usually start from 250-300 € per night and are very popular with increased demand. This means that you need to book your accommodation very early in order to get a good deal for more than 4 nights.

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The brand new hotels located in Fira or even farther than the center offer much more affordable prices and offer quality, luxury hospitality in suites and caves with jacuzzi, just 5 ‘walk from the square of Fira, from just 155 €! You will need to research about the prices and the availability of the hotels and if you are lucky and find one of the rooms or suites available.

If you want a more budget-friendlly solution in the places mentioned above, then there are decent accommodation facilities away from the crowded center which also include privileged facilities such as private pool! Just make sure to book rental rooms or smaller hotels!

When to visit Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of the few places in Greece that has tourists almost all year round, especially in spring and summer. The greatest demand is from April to the end of October, but in recent years efforts have been made to make Santorini a tourist destination 12 months a year! This is because there are many hotels which work 12 months per year and of course there are a lot of people who live there.

If you want to visit Santorini and take advantage of the low prices in hotels, then the best season is either Spring or Autumn after August! The weather will be warm enough for you to enjoy the beach in the morning and

Rent a car in Santorini

When you are going to get to Santorini, you will find out that it is quite difficult to move around if you do not have a car or another vehicle. The bus routes are very few and congested. So what we would suggest, is to rent a car in Santorini so that you can move around at ease.

Choose between the many different models of santorinieasyrent.com and enjoy your vacation on the island! You are going to see so many places and of course you will save some money by staying further away from Oia and Fira where hotels are very expensive!

Fly to Santorini

In order to get to Santorini you can get a ship from Peiraias or fly there. The easiest way if you are travelling from abroad is to book a flight. Santorini airport is not very large but it will help you get back home quicker and with less delay.

You could also rent a car in Santorini airport car rental so that it would be easier for you and your family to move around. Enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

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