The new trends in swimwear in summer of 2022

Summer is finally here and the only item we plan to wear in the coming months, is our swimsuit (μαγιό). Equips it with our summer wardrobe, with all the new swimwear trends, highlighting the bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that we will add to the shopping list of this year’s holidays. Vivid colors, unique patterns and “sexy but cute” aesthetics, star in the proposals of the brand and put us in the ultimate summer atmosphere.

Study the trends carefully, to add to your collection what will best emphasize your silhouette, but also your tan.


Brand new for this season, terrycloth is a soft and super comfortable fabric used for matching swimwear and beachwear. Available in discreet pastel colors, as well as in floral patchwork prints and 3D designs. There are many applications and shapes that can be worn in different ways, thanks to the straps that are shaped according to your preferences.

Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?

Craftsmanship returns with crocheted bikinis, beachwear and bags, available in bright and striking shades. The classic is again in style, for the most bohemian appearances on the beach.

The sporty eighties swimwear

The style of the 80’s swimsuit, with mix & match color-block bright shades, is re-introduced. The classic black and one-piece white with a deep V neckline, as well as the balconette bikinis, the removable triangle bikini bras and the super high-waisted bikini briefs, all return to the beachwear wardrobe

Blooming days

This collection presents an endless variety of micro and macro floral patterns, which give a fun mood to the summer style. A collection available in many shades and shapes, which highlights the body of every woman. Essential for those who love sustainable simplicity.

Chic and elegant designs, with rhinestones and sequins, are dedicated to women who want to stand out from the crowd and shine even more under the sun.

Boho designs on swimwear

The boho designs are extremely summer designs as they are based on the hippie culture that has Spring and Summer in them. So bodysuits and bikini swimsuits with boho designs combining wonderful and vibrant colors will star in Summer 2022.

You can find boho designs in one-piece swimsuits with flowers, animals and other boho designs. They will renew your appearance and will definitely emphasize your tan. If you want to put Summer for good in your lives in 2022, all you have to do is give boho designs a try.

If you want to combine boho designs correctly then choose a bikini in a classic style. After all, in the Summer of 2022, there is a tendency for women to choose bikinis and one-piece swimsuits in more classic styles, such as the swimsuits that women wore in the 60s and 70s.

Cutouts on swimsuits

Modern cutouts or different cuts will be a trend in both women’s clothes and women’s swimwear. Bikini and one-piece swimsuit with s3xy but also modern cuts that will make your swimsuit stand out and be original.

Usually in the market you will find these cuts in the abdomen area. It is a unique proposal for the swimsuit that you will choose on your summer vacation. We do not recommend it for everyday swimwear because you will tan a bit… strangely.

Monochrome bikini

If you love the classic, 2022 will be your favorite season. In the Summer of 2022, monochrome bikinis will become a trend and will be much loved. Monochrome bikini in all colors that will love the classic both in style and color.

A black classic bikini can really take off any of your summer looks. It is ideal for June, when our skin is still white. It will create great contrasts with the white skin.

However, you can choose more playful colors besides black and white. A high-waisted pink bikini with lace on the sleeves will combine many different trends for 2022 and will definitely make you stand out a lot.

You can bring out your fiery side by choosing a wonderful red monochrome bikini. It is ideal for all months of Summer, as it highlights white and tanned skin.

One-piece swimming suit

As mentioned above, one-piece swimsuits will be a trend for the Summer of 2022. A trend that embraces the classic but with the modern elements that suit our time. So choose a one-piece swimsuit that suits you and you like and seduce the crowds on the beaches.

You can choose a white classic one-piece swimsuit in July and August, highlighting your tan. A swimsuit that will make you look great whether we are talking about a swim in the city where you live or on your summer vacation.

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