Here’s what you need to find out about purchasing a top quality natural leather bag

Searching for a leather bag can be confusing. The market is saturated with inexpensive fake leathers, low-grade workmanship, and also hardware that breaks down after a period or more. To help separate the well-crafted from the expensive crap, we spoke with a specialist leather artisan to get some insight into what goes on under the hood.

Couple of people in America understand what it requires to make a durable leather bag much better than Frank Clegg. He’s been making and hand-making premium leather items in his Fall River Massachusetts workshop for more than 40 years. I have a Clegg duffle that’s going on five years of ages, as well as it looks far better than ever keeping that broken-in chestnut natural leather aging. Frank is a famous American artisan, he doesn’t cut any type of edges and also he’s always try out ways to boost his products.

Naturally, after 40 years in the business, he had whole lots to share on the topic.


If there is any kind of question regarding whether a bag is made from real leather or phony leather, don’t buy it. A quality natural leather is a natural item, as well as nothing manmade will ever before have the exact same level of top quality or endurance.

Search for “full grain” leather whenever possible; leather that has not had its surface modified (or “layered”) to mask the all-natural markings on the conceal (actually, the scars of the pet). Products that are marked “genuine natural leather” (as opposed to “complete grain”) are typically natural leather splits taken from the backside of the skins, marked with a man-made grain pattern, then coated with a painted surface area to look like full grain natural leather. This can be very deceitful, as these hides will not be almost as soft or resilient.


Frank Clegg  aspects establish the quality of a natural leather bag: hide choice as well as the tanning process.
Two aspects ultimately figure out the top quality (as well as price) of a piece of natural leather: the conceal selection and the tanning procedure.

The hide option describes just how tidy the leather is with regards to the amount of all-natural marks on the conceal.

Natural leathers are normally rated (as well as valued) based on the cleanliness of the conceal, and the total health problems of the animal’s skin.

Tanning is the process of dealing with the skins of pets to produce leather, making it more resilient and also less vulnerable to disintegration. Traditionally, tanning used “tannin”, an acidic chemical substance originated from the bark of oak or fir trees. Tanning can be done with either vegetable or mineral methods. Before tanning, the skins are unhaired, degreased, desalted as well as soaked in water over a duration of 6 hours to 2 days. Coloring may also happen throughout the tanning procedure.

Eventually, a high quality leather should have a soft, flexible touch that is normally enticing and inviting. It should not appear like vinyl or any kind of synthetic material. Stay clear of anything plastic-y or rubber-y, these “natural leathers” will certainly not have the same stamina or aging benefits.


Frank Clegg BriefcaseThink long-term when it pertains to the cellular lining. Frank Clegg
Any kind of bag cellular linings ought to be made from a resilient product and also should seem like they will execute over an extended period of time.

Anything lightweight or low-cost on the within shows the general craftsmanship and also expected life expectancy of the item. Believe lasting as well as remember that you’re probably going to be tough on it.

Among one of the most time consuming operations on natural leather goods is clean-finishing the edge surface areas. Premium quality bags generally have sides that have been polished by hand (not un-kept raw sides).

It is just one of the methods an artisan can show the interest put into his item.


Zippers are an extremely important part of a bag and also should never ever be compromised. Once a zipper fails, a bag might become useless. Brass is normally the choice for a quality zipper, with platings in nickel or copper. The highest quality zippers have teeth that are not sharp and also a zip-slider that is likewise made from brass (not an inferior metal). The majority of zippers damage when the cloth along the edges of the teeth has actually put on with, so you want to seek an extremely tough zipper-tape material. It’s also vital that zippers be set into the bag properly as well as operate smoothly, so offer it a few test runs to ensure it moves smoothly and their is no unnecessary friction. Finally, the weight & dimension of the zipper should be appropriate for the dimension of the bag, considering you will most likely overstuff it eventually.

After zippers, hardware is possibly the 2nd most frequent root cause of repair concerns. Equipment such was d-rings, buckles, and also rivets need to also be made using strong brass but copper, bronze, nickel silver, as well as layered zinc can likewise be made use of. The coating on the equipment should be clean, showing no cast lines, and their dimension must look appropriate (and solid sufficient) for the maximum capacity as well as weight of the bag. All hardware should be firmly attached, and all stress points need to be enhanced with additional stitching. If rivets are made use of, back-washers are necessary to prevent pull through. On buckles the tongue ought to be hefty sufficient not to flex as well as fail. Do not be afraid to give the hardware a great strong test pull to see to it it’s developed to last.


Frank Clegg takes care of ought to really feel comfortable as well as sturdy.
The handle( s) are your first contact with the bag – these ought to really feel comfortable/sturdy in the hand as well as be fabricated from several layers of piled leather (they need to not really feel lightweight or “hollow”).

Carry takes care of should also not be as long that the bag will guide when strolling (this will include enhanced anxiety to the bag’s prime focus).

How the deals with or bring straps are anchored to the bag is also important. If stitched, there should be extra layer of tack sewing where the deal with fulfills the bag, along with extra assistance behind the point of get in touch with to prevent pull-through.


For a bag to last, it’s important to apply a conditioner to keep the natural leather from drying out. Never put a bag that has become damp in a dark location to completely dry. Mold and mildew can become a concern and also cause weakness. Enable natural leather products to air dry prior to putting them away. A conditioner applied often will certainly nurture the natural leather and also keep the stitch areas from drying out. Before you lather it up with a brand-new conditioner, though, it’s always an excellent concept to evaluate a little on a tiny concealed area where there is no danger of destructive or staining the bag.

When placing products in straight sunlight for extended periods of time you take the chance of drying the leather or having the color fade. Do not place leather bags in a tightly secured, plastic bag. Any type of container must have the ability to aerate. Attempt not to position natural leather bags on wet floors, or scrape them throughout harsh surfaces. Constantly grab a bag utilizing both takes care of (unless it just has one). Make certain when traveling that any type of containers that have liquid inside are in a 2nd container to stay clear of spilling right into the bag …

If you appreciate a top quality purchase like a handmade Frank Clegg leather, you will most likely be compensated with many years of pleasure.


Right here are some looks from the AOS archives that include my 5-year-old natural leather duffle by Frank Clegg. It’s the signature duffle in the “brandy” shade. The bag is gradually developing a gorgeous worn-in aging, and also I intend to maintain dealing with it for many more years.

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