Apple iPhone 6 is facing a overbooked shipping issue to China

As reported a lot, the new Apple iPhone 6 hits the marketplace in Chine successfully. As you can check on our previous post, Apple gets around 1 million pre-orders in China only in 6 hours. It is, then, interesting to inform you that the huge number of iPhone 6 sales in China does not only provide the expected benefit to the company but also a little problem due to the shipping.

Shipping companies only focuses on delivering Apple iPhone 6

The newest report informs that the huge number of Apple iPhone 6 devices to be shipped to China has brought a problem. Most of the shipping companies now are focusing only on shipping the iPhone 6 products to China. It means that they have to face overbooked issues. As the consequence, the shipping companies cannot handle any orders out of the shipping tasks for the devices at the time being.

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Regarding the news that Apple iPhone 6 is appreciated that much in China, we surely agree that Apple has made meaningful effort especially in preparing the great deal of iPhone 6 products to fit the market demand in the most populated country. However, the shipping issue seems also give us the hint that the iPhone 6 will not be available in Chine for ordering soon. It is clear that the company should handler the issue first before they plan the next delivery waves.

It is also easy to say that Apple should make intensive communications with the shipping companies as well as the stakeholders to make sure that the shipping of the Apple iPhone 6 can be handled very well to avoid any unexpected future problems. You know, with the new design, specs, and features, the new device has become a hot topic recently. Regardless the issue above, it is clear that Apple really makes a great effort to successfully increase their sales on the new iPhone 6 so far.

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