What you should know about one night stand


Nowadays, one night stand is the most rewarding form of sex, Athens Escorts say. And at the same time the most dangerous in making serious mistakes. Both socially and others with serious consequences for health, physical and mental.

While in practice it is a kind of agreement between adults on the one hand the -apparently- relaxed framework, on the other hand the fact that one of the two sides is lying -in itself, mainly- and the consequences of that one night, can “chase “one of these two or both sides for a long time.

Because most people forget that this kind of sex – like everything in this life – has rules. Less of course than a normal relationship, but substantial. And this is what those who indulge in this kind of sexual intercourse usually forget.

Always wear a condom

Unfortunately, this is not understood and its absence can cause serious problems. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are not a fairy tale for naughty children. It is a harsh reality, in which no one wants to have a role. And after clarifying this – for the purely physical part – let us look at the soul.

We do not lie about our identity

The world is small. It is better not to say a name – as the saying goes – than to introduce ourselves falsely or with the name and status of a friend (very bad idea). We say the basics, without much detail. They will not be needed, after all. Anything more like Russian roulette.

We clarify our intention from the beginning

Politely, but without twists and we make sure that the partner is able to understand what we are saying (he is not under the influence of alcohol, etc.) and does not seem to hesitate. Anything else can have from relatively painless, yet annoying, consequences, to legal. Be careful, then.

We do not provide telephone and other information

The agreement has specific terms and the exchange of messages after the specific night cancels its context. No matter how good the sex with this person is, anything after that one night, fatally acquires another outline. And, to God, “it will stay that way, sex and nothing else” was said by many and they finally found a relationship. A little self-awareness of what one is really looking for does not hurt.

Yes to light talk before and after, no to confessions

For most people, it is difficult to separate the emotional part from the purely physical part. More and more something will be said, more and more there will be an answer and suddenly a conversation. But we are not there for that. The more we talk, the more we reveal parts of ourselves, the more we bond and that makes things very, very difficult.

We respect distances

Because as mentioned above the world is small, there is a chance to meet again with the man who spent such a night. If this happens we do not behave either too intimately or coldly. We behave in the same way we would if we had met this person again at a party or some other social contact. We do not embarrass the other, nor do we make him feel expendable. A little courtesy!

We do not hope

We protect ourselves somewhat, if even for a while we catch him thinking how it would be “otherwise”. There is no “other”. There is the “now” and the specific condition. Emotional involvement in any way will cause mental damage. And that is not what is required.

We do not treat man in front of us as meat

In short, we enjoy what happens with our mouths shut. The comments the next day at work, in groups and with friends show insecurity, zero empathy and no respect for ourselves. After all, for the third time let it be noted that the world is small.

Poor preparation

You can only use a condom if you actually have one. And no, it’s not always the man’s job to provide the condom. Everyone’s bedside table should have condoms and water-based lubricant. Women sometimes worry that they will look easy if they have condoms at home, but come on, you have already gone home with a man you just met. The same is true for the man, as he is in the room of a woman he just met. No one has the right to judge anyone.

You are in a hurry

A very common occurrence, especially among beginners at the one night stand, is to develop emotions. In fact, you are not in love, you just think you have a moment of emotional weakness. But it is strange and creepy and no one wants to hear a love confession at any time during the night. Even if you really want to express your love, drunk, to the person you just met at a bar an hour earlier, check yourself because you do not really love him / her.


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Love Making and Sex


Love Making and Sex


Even if your love life and sex life was on fire, you still probably came here because you think or maybe you know that it could be better. And chances are better than excellent that it can be better. The problem is that you are not sure how to make it better, maybe you are afraid of offending your partner, or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

Professional call girl or call girls can help and give new, fresh air in your relationship if you can handle such kind of date. Just for re freshening.

You have come to the right place. No matter if you are very young, very “advanced in years”, or somewhere in between, you probably realize that sex is one of the most wonderful things that we have ever discovered about our bodies. Sex is not “naughty” or shameful, but it is something that illustrates the beautiful and wonderful “one-ness” that is a natural thing between two people who love each other.

But this is not a porn site. Sex is a beautiful thing and there are many aspects of it to be enjoyed, but you must realize that sex goes hand in hand with love. That is why love making is also known as sex, whereas sex does not necessarily mean love making. I mean, come on, cocker spaniels have sex, right? But there is not really “love” between two cocker spaniels.

As human beings, we have natural instincts and desires. Some of the strongest of those are the desire to be needed and to be loved in an intimate sort of way. It is the kind of love that is reserved for two people. Sure, you may love your father and your mother, but that is not the kind of love we are talking about here.

The kind of love we are talking about is the kind of love that you have for one person, the desire to be with that person, the desire to share as much of your life as possible with that person, and what naturally follows is the desire to be intimate with that person in the act of sexual intercourse.

But that is where the definitions of “sex” and “love making” part company again. Sex would be defined as the actual act of intercourse, but real love making is more than just that single aspect, much more. Love making involves the preparation for sex, the subtle hints during the day, the positive attitude you present, the kind words you speak, the quiet dinner, the romantic candles, the soft music and low lights, the conversation between the two of you where you both shut out the rest of the world so you can focus and concentrate on the other person.

That shows your desire to your partner and lets them know that they are indeed valued, loved, respected, and DESIRED. That is when true love making, accompanied by sex, is the most enjoyable and satisfying to both partners.

It does not happen in 3-5 minutes. If you want something in 3-5 minutes, go for a hard-boiled egg or a professional call girl or call girls, instead of basically insulting your partner.

You and your partner are much more than cocker spaniels because you have the ability to love and to feel love, the ability to desire and be desired, the ability to touch and be touched, all of which plays into the whole equation of making love that is satisfying and wonderful for both of you.

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