Plumbing Nightmares from Around the Web (& How to Fix Them)

Plumbing nightmares can materialize to everyone. Most of us in all probability know a person who’s seasoned some plumbing disasters, or possibly you’ve seen some viral memes with funny plumbing photographs.

But if you encounter these lavatory plumbing nightmares, you may possibly not know how to fix the situation. We’re rounding up some plumbing nightmares and amusing plumbing tales from around the web—and sharing how to correct these popular plumbing troubles.

Plumbing Nightmares + Tips for Repairing Common Troubles

How (Not) to Repair a Leak

If you have a leak, we assure, you never need this considerably foam sealant.


Supply: Reddit 

A leaky pipe typically has just one of these typical results in:

  • Incorrect pipe laying 
  • Corrosion or joint injury to the pipe
  • Cracked seals or pipes
  • Stubborn clogs
  • Abnormal water stress

So instead of utilizing up an full bottle of sealant, just check on your O-ring. If your O-ring is the appropriate measurement, then there should not be a leak. If that’s not the problem, give a plumber a call for an inspection—especially if you recognize any odd smells. The smell of sewer gas can be a giveaway of a damaged sewer line, specially if you discover your grass is on the lookout further eco-friendly and lush and you’ve been experiencing some sluggish drains.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Ideally, your drain problems are not from a terrible set up job, like this misinterpreted thought art.

a sketch of what someone wanted their plumbing drain to look like next to the failed attemptSource: Reddit

If you do expertise a clogged or sluggish drain, there are a handful of steps you can take.

If you are only suffering from 1 sluggish or clogged drain, then it is localized to that precise fixture. Most possible, there is hair or soap buildup that’s blocking your shower or sink drain. Right before contacting a plumber, try these solutions:

  • Pour baking soda, vinegar, and very hot water down the drain to loosen up whichever is leading to the blockage.
  • Use a drain snake to fish out hair or other blockages.
  • Use a plunger or chemical drain cleaner.

If you are encountering sluggish drains in many parts of your house, then that could be the signal of a much larger concern. Hold an eye (and nose) out for terrible smells, and see if your grass is expanding a very little extra immediately than regular in specified spots of your property. It could be the indication of a sewage backup—and in that circumstance, you are going to want to get in touch with a plumber instantly.

Minimal H2o Force

Unless you are this person…

kitchen sink faucet as shower head

Supply: Reddit 

…then possibilities are you can blame both pipe corrosion, cracked or damaged sewer strains, drain or sewer clogs, or a hidden water leak for small drinking water pressure.

Low water pressure can be a indicator of a horrible clog in your drain pipes. If you really don’t have any clogs that you can determine, it could also be a signal that you have a cracked or weakened pipe someplace in your residence or underground. This is since the drinking water is getting out from the crack, which is protecting against the appropriate volume of tension buildup. Your plumber can detect leaks with an inspection to see if this is the induce of your sudden small drinking water tension.

Is Your Bathroom Operating?

Effectively, if your rest room appears like this, then maybe you’ll be the just one operating.

dual toilets in a bathroom stallSupply: Twitter


In all seriousness, if your bathroom is jogging or gurgling, there are a couple of uncomplicated ways to repair the problem just before possessing to get in touch with a plumber. Your rest room may be gurgling mainly because

  • You have a clogged drain line
  • You have a clogged bathroom drain
  • You have a broken pipe
  • The principal municipal sewer line is going through a clog 

If altering the flapper or plunging your rest room doesn’t aid, give your regional plumber a get in touch with.

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